In addition to writing press releases during the day and attempting to write novels at night, I also have been writing online since 2008. There’s a lot of it out there in the Internet-o-sphere, so let me know if you’re interested in pieces of a certain subject or style. Thanks for reading!

Some of my favorite articles I’ve written:

Hello Giggles: Five Promises Every Young Professional Should Make to Herself

Hello Giggles: Four Skills Interns Can Teach the Rest of the Office

Hello Giggles: How to Look for a Job Without Developing a Chocolate Dependency

Topaz Review: Plan A: Sex and the Modern Woman

American Teacher Magazine: Should the high school drop out age be raised to 18?

USA TODAY College Opinion: ‘Girls’ exposes dark side of unpaid internships

Complete archive:

Articles for Hello Giggles (2013-2014)

Articles for Serving Tea to Friends (2012)

Articles for USA TODAY College (2012)

Articles for the Arizona Daily Wildcat (2010-2011)

Anna’s Non-Required Summer Reading Blog (2009)

Anna Blogs (personal blog of musing and grandstanding, 2008-2009)

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